Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey there and hello

So I can't cook. Seriously. I can do lots of other things like write novels, direct plays, sew costumes, and balance spreadsheets. Cooking...not so much.

This is not a blog like Julie Powell's Julie/Julia Project. She knew how to cook before she walked into the Julie Child cookbook. She just didn't know how to cook all fancy-pants. I can barely boil eggs. No joke. I don't know a reduction from a sauce from a jar of mayo. The smoke detectors in my house hate me and are constantly yelling at me. My microwave is my best friend.

I'm tired of not being able to feed myself in the way others can so I have decided I'm going to teach myself how to cook. And I'm going to bring you all along for the ride.

My muse for this trip in learning how to feed myself and others with something other than take-out or microwave meals is Nigella Lawson. I chose Nigella for a couple of reasons. One, she is a home cook and domestic goddess not some fancy chef with fancy cooking school credentials. Two, she is always so calm and fun in her cooking shows. Three, she makes cooking sexy.

The equipment in my new cooking arsenal box at this time is:
Nigella Express cookbook by Nigella Lawson
Kitchen Confidental by Anthony Bourdain
Fiona Super's YouTube channel with Nigella Lawson Express videos.
Pinterest recipes
A set Calphlon pans given to me one Christmas years ago.

Wish me luck!

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